From the Pacific to the Gulf

Only then, when the wall is COMPLETED, will I support any legalization of the Dreamers and/or other action to legalize them.

Not “funded”.
Not “Started”.
Not “Materially complete”.


No more lies nor broken promises, no more “drones” nor “Passive Sensors”.

A. Fucking. WALL.

Only then can you ask me to support any other legislation which, in any way, legalizes even one single person who is here illegally.

Stop the influx. Stop the Chain Migration, the Diversity lottery and all the other shit that brings people in who aren’t gonna make this their home….their nation….who won’t fly the Flag of the United States as THEIR flag.

Then we can talk about the rest….When the Wall is COMPLETE.

And anyone who is legalized after that needs to pay a fairly hefty fine for being here illegally and can’t vote for at least 10 years or 2 presidential election cycle, whichever comes first.

Make that happen, and I will give you my support.


(Nope, not Anti-Latino nor Anti-Hispanic. Just Anti-lawbreaking and anti-Illegal immigrant)

3 thoughts on “From the Pacific to the Gulf

  1. Hi "B,"
    10-4!!!! The proverbial "Line in the sand!!" Perhaps along with all the illegals we should round up all the demz, commiz, antifaz, muzratz and all their ilk and either boot 'em over the rio g. or just make dog food out of em. All the Dogs will get to eat regular!! God, the muzratz will hate that, to think their carcass will be eaten by a lowly DOG!!!!
    Got GUNZ………OUTLAW!!!!,
    PS That's another theory.. Jimmy Hoffa is NOT on the 47 yard line buried under the concrete of that stadium, he got made into "Dog FOOD!!"

  2. Skybill, yer an ass. And a moron.

    I'm leaving your comment up so everyone can see what an ass you are.

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