CBS can’t use the word “Shithole” in their reporting

Seems that the fainting flowers at CBS are afraid to use the word that President TheDonald used to describe some third world countries from which many immigrants are coming…..In particular African countries, El Salvador and Hati. “Shithole”…which adequately and somewhat accurately describes  portions of some of those countries….The thing that gets me is that that is exactly what they mean when they say “Third World” but when they can bias their coverage and (breathlessly) NOT say the word in order to twist what he said….

Note: he was asking WHY we should protect immigration numbers from these countries and not promote immigration from places like Norway….Which to their minds, means “White”, rather than “First World”.

And why shouldn’t we promote immigration from places where people are literate, clean, disease free, skilled and whose values closely approximate those of the US? Why should we “protect” immigration from places where the population hates OUR culture, where diseases are rampant, where there are few (or no) skills, where the immigrants fail to assimilate and dislike and do not want to learn the culture of the US?

The bias of the media becomes ever more plain.