Amazin’, innit?

So….when you let folks (or corporations) keep their profits (or at least more of them) then they choose to invest in the United States, instead of keeping those profits out of the reach of the greedy bureaucrats at the US Treasury, and the Federal Government in general..

Apple to repatriate $252.3 billion (yes, with a “B”) and pay a one time tax payment of $38 billion (again, with a “B”)…and will create approximately 20,000 jobs here in the US…and will spend about $30 billion (there’s that “B” again) in the US. 

Lots of money and lots of jobs, and lots of investment…..which equates to lots of construction jobs and other jobs when they spend that $30 Billion dollars over the next five years…..

And all ’cause now the US isn’t taking too much of their money. Strange, that….

2 thoughts on “Amazin’, innit?

  1. That Econ 101 class should be taught in 5th grade. No?

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