Joe is absolutely right.

If the Feds wanna say they can regulate pot, then why don’t they regulate the sales (and availability) of booze? Why can i buy it here in Indiana in a bar, but not in a package store on Sunday? Hows come I can buy it in Illinois on a Sunday but not in Indiana? How about county to county in Kaintuky? Some places you can buy it, some places you can’t. States rights mean something.

The way I see it, the Feds can prevent inter-state commerce, but not in-state commerce. This is, again, a States Rights issue.

And, as stated in the linked commentary, the best way for the GOP type folks to retain power is to let this go….to allow the STATES to make their choice.

But, realize that one cannot have the Feds stay out of pot and booze, and yet require Federal reciprocal carry rights.  Pick one way or the other.