This Sexual Harassment witch hunt is going to backfire on you ladies.

I’m not talking the Matt Lauers or the H. Weinsteins (although Weinstein appears to have paid his debts to the women who used him for advancement with sex…they got movies and screen tests and such,,, See also Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill”), I‘m talking all the other “Mee Too” whines from women against every man they can find to complain about. Just so those women can feel like part of the victimhood club.

I guarantee that every man is evaluating this…Every single one.

The lesson he is learning today is that every single joke can have consequences, even 30 or 30 years down the line. Even if HE didn’t mean it in a naughty connotation, it is how the WOMAN perceives it that matters. No matter how innocent the remark, it is how she takes it that matters. Like “Coded Racism” even if you have to look for it, it is there. If she is looking for it.

If he mistakes interest from a woman, and asks her out to lunch to see where it might go, and he is wrong, it might come back to haunt him when he is successful later in life.

If she declines, but doesn’t say “no” (I can’t today”) (which isn’t, BTW, “No”) and he asks again a week or so later, then she might write it down and use it against him 15 or 20 years down the road. Especially if another woman suggests that she was “harassed” by him also.

And it is a fact that women are attracted to power and money and flirt with those men who have it. Even if they aren’t serious about it. And he will be required to know when she is and when she isn’t. And if she is, and he isn’t interested, that can come back and haunt him too……’Cause “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

So, the lesson being learned here is that women are unable to defend themselves (and aren’t strong enough to say “No”), but rather will fester resentment and hate for years. And when she gets the chance, she will do her best to drive a stake through his heart, especially if she can find a sister or two to help her .

And, the real lesson is that it is best to not to hire women, or interact with them in the workplace. Ever. So women, who are just starting to become part of higher level management and higher level engineering and such, mentored by men, will suffer. Because they won’t ever get a chance. Attorneys, managers, financiers, engineers, bankers, etc. They will not be let into the club, won’t ever interact with men (or will have fewer opportunities to network  and be mentored) and will, ultimately, be hurt because the women in the previous generation couldn’t say “no, I won’t go out with you”….or couldn’t say “if you ever touch me again, I will break your balls” or “I don’t find that joke funny, please be more considerate next time”….or who couldn’t go to the police when something worse happened…..Or just couldn’t deal with life and interactions with people, especially males, in the workplace. Because they were cowards and Fragile Flowers. ( Real Women know how to handle things and still be ladies and engender respect…not so these women)

So, ultimately, women in the next generation, who are just now entering the workplace, will have fewer chances to advance, grow, learn and gain skills.