We don’t need cops like this

Seems a jury found his actions justified. 

I cannot see how. 
(WARNING: Graphic scene of a man being shot to death by cops)

There were a LOT of ways the cops could have handled this that were better….that would have resulted in the kid being restrained, the cops all being safe, and the kid not being shot in the hotel hallway following the (stupid) instructions to crawl forward. They couldn’t handcuff him where he was laying? Or did they just have to prove who was in charge and the situation simply got away from them?

I see manslaughter. I see murder, really. Plain and simple, I see a cop shooting someone for no valid reason.

If the cops can’t do better than this, then there really isn’t any reason to interact with them except shooting, if only to save your life. If they are that stupidly deadly, then really, why not?

Were I on that jury, the cop would not have walked free. No matter what other evidence or testimony might have been provided, the cop with the camera and the rifle shot a kid in, essentially, cold blood. Every other cop on the scene was complicit in his death as well.

Being a cop can be dangerous. But that does not excuse this behavior.

Not to police officers: If, as a cop, you are that afraid, then find another profession.

(Is it something in the water in Arizona that makes cops psychotically overreact? Or are they trained to like shooting people and leave them to die?)