Lying to the FBI is a crime

So why, when the FBI lies to the public, is that not a crime?

Why aren’t each individual associated with this coverup not under indictment? Why are they still in positions of power at the FBI?

Why aren’t the folks responsible for the witch hunt for the whistleblower also under indictment?

Above all, why are the folks responsible for the failure of the FBI to maintain it’s integrity still a part of the FBI? They violated their oaths as Federal employees and as FBI agents. Ultimately, they have destroyed the FBI’s integrity and reputation. I can no longer believe anything the FBI tells me, nor can I find anything they say, about anyone or about any investigation to be credible.

(and it isn’t limited to the FBI…the Secret Service and the IRS are in the same boat….None of them as an agency, have any integrity.). The fact that each FBI agent (as well as the others) is still employed (by choice) with these agencies tells me that every FBI agent still working sees their association and position with the agency as merely a job, and each one of those agents has no integrity any more either. They are simply following orders. We saw this at Ruby Ridge, where the US Marshalls and the FBI HRT never questioned their orders, and again, at Waco, where, again, the agents (both FBI and US Marshalls as well as ATF) simply did what they were told.

Any agent who chooses to still be employed with any of these agencies no longer has any integrity nor any credibility in my eyes. Once, Duty and Honor mattered. No more.

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