I’d get mad, but what’s the use?

‘Twon’t change nuthin’…..

Seems lately when it is clear, it is windy with fierce gusts. And when it ain’t windy and gusty, it is snowing or foggy with terrible visibility.

Therefore not much flying taking place. Hard to learn to land with 15 knot winds GUSTING TO 35….

or IFR conditions. .

Now, after we had cancelled due to snow and 1-1.5 mile, then the snow cleared up 3 hours later and it was light and variable winds and 10 mile visibility…of course, my instructor wasn’t available then….I checked.


Tomorrow I am scheduled to fly again. TAF currently says:
FM150900 26009KT P6SM BKN025
  FM151400 28015G22KT P6SM SCT025 BKN040

And I am supposed to fly at noon (1800Z). 

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