Hows that Multiculturalism and immigration working out there for ya?

Sweden Government police say “women should not go out after dark, never go out alone, or should use taxis”.

Seems that since all those Middle Eastern “children” (male) immigrants are kinda changing the society in Sweden….

And the police, of course, say Women have to change their ways rather than the immigrants. Because MultiCulturalism.

Were I living there, I’d start buying rope and looking for sturdy lampposts for some political attention…..And I’d be making a list of each government official, elected or not, who approved the invasion of my country. And, of course, investing in rope suppliers.

One thought on “Hows that Multiculturalism and immigration working out there for ya?

  1. I am MORE than surprised that rapefugees haven't already started vanishing. The politicians who approved this too.

    About a year ago I saw a video of a German grandfather being told "Well, that's just how it is" when he was protesting that his granddaughter was being harassed by these vermin.

    Teaser quote from an essay I did on the Islamic invasion:

    So this Jew states without reservation:

    1. The flow of Islamic migrants must be stopped cold – a good start would be to eliminate the enormous (and economy-crushing) financial incentives to move
    2. Barriers must be built: walls manned with armed guards and permission to shoot at those attempting to breach that wall. Turn back the boats and, if necessary, sink them; survivors forcibly returned to their origin country. 3. As a step after that, bomb the harbors from where the boats leave. As a last resort, lethal measures against invaders must be used – buzzards and sharks have to eat too
    4. In parallel with these efforts social media must be pushed to show that the Hijra invasion is no longer welcome in Western countries
    5. Politicians (like this one) that want this flow to continue must be removed from office; peacefully if possible, but it may be necessary to break eggs to make omelets
    6. Muslims that do not openly and provably assimilate to Western culture and secular government must also be sent back, by force majeure if necessary


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