Collateral Damage

Now, make no mistake, one has to wonder why these women waited so long to come forward…..And, if it was that terrible an experience, why did these women wait so long? Some of them worked for YEARS after the alleged incident. I mean, leaving all those other women at risk and all….

Having said that, seems that the DNC sexual harassment push against Conservatives has, again, netted one of their own.

My brother (a liberal) asked me “why they only found democrats that were harassers”. I said because the press had been doing their jobs and rooting out and cleansing the Republicans for many years, but had allowed the DNC folks a free pass time after time. Until now, that is. At the slightest hint of impropriety, they swarmed after any conservative, but they left the liberals alone. 

3 thoughts on “Collateral Damage

  1. Yep, those chickens ARE coming home to roost, just not in the way they expected!

  2. Indeed; Liberalism; a monster that eats its own tail…

  3. Republicans tend to generally cast out their own early in to investigations or even allegations of things. Their voters, supporters and own kind tend to hold each other to a higher standard for behavior than the Democrats do until it is so bad they have no choice but to force people out.

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