Yet, they cannot connect cause and effect here

Read this NYTimes article.

Notice anything missing?

Like the cause of the cost changes? Like the reason it costs so much more? Like the fact these poor folks listed in the article are subsidizing those other, “less Fortunate” folks, who make bad decisions and have little to show for them? You know, the “poor”…The ones that can’t afford health insurance but can afford the latest fashions….Cant pay for birth control, but sport a brand new Tattoo that cost what a used car does? You know, the “poor”…..The ones that get tons of Free Shit. Now with Free Health Insurance.

Notice that the article fails to mention the fact that most insurers are pulling out of areas where they have to eat much of the cost of insurance, despite the Federal subsidies through the “Affordable” Care Act because they have to offer plans and they just can’t make a profit to offset the risk?

I mean, yes the NYT is a shill for Dems, and yes, the ACA was a DNC creation, and yes, it does make some folks get less expensive health care insurance to the detriment of others, and yes, costs are rising just like the ObamaCare opponents said they would…..

But the Times fails to mention all that, just how bad it is for folks who, you know, work and make good decisions in life. You know, the productives, not the Free Shit Army.

Welcome, my friends to Socialism…. the Show That Never Ends. How do ya like it so far? 

One thought on “Yet, they cannot connect cause and effect here

  1. That's the catch of it all, that the prices go up somewhere and have to be paid for. Those that are not buying it now have no change, and those "Rich" are not as stunned by it as the bulk that do have to buy these plans. Even being one of the el federal employees I've seen my insurance go up astronomically high vs the pre Obama care days. Not a few percentage points but compounded many times over to where other than paying for a roof over my head it is the single greatest cost I face. It's sure not affordable by any stretch of the imagination. Other than stuff I have from being in the Army I'm in pretty decent shape, but get to subsidize the people that live some of the worst lifestyles imaginable. But, our betters tell us that we must be forced in to this form of charity because these people are less fortunate. Right.

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