Well, shit

So I am set to fly at 2 (1400). Got lots of good advice from several folks to try.

I get the call at 1 pm: “Hey, we got an issue…..04N has lost both mags and is deadlined until at least Saturday”.

Bummer. And the other 2 Garmin equipped (which I hate) 172’s are both booked.

“We can put you in a 150, if you want”. I confer with my CFI, and we decide not to go that route.

So no flying until Monday.

I was all feeling sorry for myself, until I found out that the issue cropped up when a dude was trying to start the plane for a checkride. And there was another checkride scheduled after that.

All I lost was some pattern work.

Still, ’twas a bummer.

One thought on “Well, shit

  1. Old, wise and alive beats young, dumb and injured/dead. I had an Archer scheduled for a trip, many moons ago, when they called to tell me the starter had failed, so it was down. “Can I hand prop it instead?”…long shocked silence, “No!”…you gotta learn somehow that those flights ain’t THAT important, and it certainly wasn’t.

    On the positive side, my instructor once cancelled a lesson after we rolled out and the left mag dropped about 100 rpm too far, even though the right was within range. That, and his opening a door in flight so I knew what it was like, were all useful lessons about proper and safe decision making.

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