Swimming pools, too

Public ones, at least…


Organized shooting….Same.

Spending time on the beach….Same Same.

Seems that anything that requires groups to be outdoors are Racist and “too white”. 

I think, however, that it is not that they are exclusive of minorities, (especially blacks) but that they choose not to participate because it is too different from their cultural norms as to how to recreate.

No one ever mentions the fact that it requires folks to want to participate in such activities. My experience hasn’t been that folks of color are barred from, nor are they discouraged from, participating, but that they simply choose not to.

As an aside: Despite available scholarships (free ride, at that), my flight school’s only black students are foreign exchange students from the local University. No locals, despite the great employment opportunity for African American commercial pilots. Pretty much all local African American s have to do is show up and do the coursework…..Yet no takers. Odd, that.