NY is lucky

Terrorist Driver (Won’t name him again) could have used the materials available at the Home Depot where he rented the truck to ……Fortify, as it were, the front end of the truck,,,,which would have allowed him to do much more damage for a longer time.

It isn’t like he was gonna get his damage deposit back anyway.

A drill, a set of bits, some 4 x 4’s and some carriage bolts and an hour or so would have made the front of the truck much more substantial.

It’s a good thing he either couldn’t do it or didn’t think of this.

(I’m posting this only because I think the likelihood of a Jihadist/AlohaSnackbar type being a follower of my blog is very low, and if they are, then they are smart enough that they’ve already considered this)

4 thoughts on “NY is lucky

  1. Yep, and of course one idjit commentator went down the gun control mantra… He used a f**king TRUCK!

  2. Funny; those idjits use the "You can't condemn all for the acts of a few" thing all the time, yet that's just what they do to legal, law-abiding gun owners…

  3. I pallet of quikrete in the back of the F250 truck would have added 3300 lbs which is the max load for the flatbed trucks. The additional weight would have cut the school bus wide open.

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