Yeah, here is the truth.


Of course, few women want to admit it. They chose Womyn’s Studeez because it was easy, and chose to NOT go STEM because, lets face it, engineeering or Chemistry or Physics or other STEM shit is really Really hard (I know, I am an engineer). If the math doesn’t get ya, then the math will get you. Or the physics, or the Thermogoddamics will, or the calculus, or the Diffy Calc.

So they take the easy way, where they can be with their sisters and study with a coffee or a glass of wine and bitch about the Patriarchy.

And then they find that their degree won’t even qualify them for a job at a Starbucks. While their brothers with a STEM degree start at $75K a year and go up from there.

But it is, of course, the White Male Patriarchy that is keeping them down. Every time.

3 thoughts on “Inn-Deed.

  1. Sort of makes me glad my girls are PhDs in Analytical Chemistry and
    Microbiology/Immunology…and they both are active as advisors in the STEM program. IMO, difficulty of degree programs varies considerably: I've heard Business, Education and History majors
    being listed as #1 of easiest courses.

  2. Yep, it's OUR fault because they didn't want to do the work… sigh

  3. There must be some gender thing about learning. Ever notice that boys tend to lag girls in grade and high school..then upon going to
    college, the science and math finally kicks in and the kid who didn't know a gerund from a participle, couldn't remember Civil War
    dates and really didn't care, gets fired up on calculus, thermodynamics and polymers and turns into a crackerjack engineer?
    I've seen at least a dozen such cases and would think educators would be interested in whatever development rate and motivation
    are the causes. Just about every young (and even older) person will
    work hard at something…but they need to know why it is important and not a waste of time.

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