54 years ago

The US President was shot and killed by a Magic Bullet fired by Lee Harvey Oswald, who was later killed by Jack Ruby.  

There are those who believe that the whole thing happened in the manner accepted by the Warren Commission. Then again there are those who still believe that Santa Claus lives at the north pole and brings eggs to kids every year at Easter or somesuch too.

I still wonder who had him killed, and why….and how they got so many folks to believe that the story that was postulated was, in fact, the Real and Honest ™ Truth. (And part of me REALLY wants to know how they did it, just as an intellectual exercise)

Then again, I see all these folks in power get away with so many things, and the Media and the Law Enforcement folks just let ’em….and eventually we good sheep citizens forget about it enough to let things go back to Business as Usual.

But if you believe that Oswald did it (or at least all of it) then you either haven’t bothered to look at the details or know nothing about ballistics or even basic physics.

But then again, that is most of the folks who watch the news, innit? 

3 thoughts on “54 years ago

  1. One might be right, depending.

    You forgot racist as well.

    If that's what you think. so be it.

    Or it could be that I see the world for what it is, not what other folks wish it to be.

  2. D: I accidentally deleted your comment. Feel free to repost it.

  3. And you've never been to the range with a Carcano, tied to get it to group at 100 yards, or even just work the bolt, fire accurately, and time how long it takes to take 3 aimed shots.

    They were crap rifles and crap ammo and there's not any indication that anyone can make them do what Oswald supposedly did.

    I don't doubt he he was in the Book Depository with the rifle. I just can't believe he acted alone and was successful with a Carcano.

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