Well, that was interesting:

I had to go to a court today, to testify as to someone’s whereabouts in a murder case from 4 years ago.

Sitting, waiting, outside the courtroom for 2 hours was…interesting.

I, being white, was in the minority. Being a male…dressed well, also made me a minority. Hell, having shaved that week did so…..

Lots of nice people there though, (I listened to a lot of stories waiting) most of whom just got crossed up because they can’t follow the rules of society, or have impulse issues. Most were willing to do what was necessary to stay out of trouble, they just COULDN’T do it.

Things like show up at court, pay their fines, register their car, stay sober, not steal, etc. Couldn’t afford their car registration, but had $300 sneakers. (Sneakers in court?)

Some took the time to dress well, or at least try. Some ladies wore what was obviously their best attire, even though it was not suited for a courtroom, but more for a club….At least they tried.

Lots of men who obviously didn’t bother. Weren’t willing to try and impress the judge at all. I look better than that when I am working in the yard. I wondered, for a while if it was just because it was Halloween….

And, as I said, I was a minority, race wise. Only folks who looked like me were the clerks and attorneys.

Yes, I know, pointing this out makes me a racist.

And security was a joke. If you can smuggle a cell phone in (and there were LOTS of those), you can smuggle a fairly big knife or a small pistol. Ask me how I know…..

4 thoughts on “Well, that was interesting:

  1. I can say that your experience fits exactly the multiple times I have had to go to court, as witness, jury duty, to file papers, etc. I suppose it does not matter much that my experiences have all been in either CA or AZ, small towns or metropolitan cities.

  2. I've seen the same thing in court. Oh; and don't forget the hospital emergency room, where illegal immigrants and welfare bums show up en masse, complaining of colds and such. Of course, none of them have insurance, or any intention of paying their bills. Also, of course, they show up with the entire family… Brilliant…

  3. A murder case from 4 years ago? The wheels of justice do turn very slowly don't they.

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