Nope, I didn’t

Crash the plane, per the email question. Just been busy, so no posting.

Did fly Thursday, landings and a bit of airplane handling. Flew north, turned back and forth between two points, then turned the 172 using only ailerons (hard to not use the rudders after being trained to do coordinated flight) then again using only the ailerons. then only rudders, then ailerons only.

Then back to the airport. Landings. wind was 300 at 6-10 knots, so I got a bit more crosswind landing on runway 27. I’m getting better. And more confident.

Spent Thursday afternoon and Friday rebuilding the verandah at the range with a bunch of other guys. Went well. It’s nice working with men who come to WORK, and bring their own equipment and tools and are prepared for the  task. Folks who take direction, but really need none.

This morning, however, my diet is pretty much Ibuprofen, I haven’t walked purlins nor fastened a metal roof in a lot of years, and am feeling it today.

Today, more firewood. 

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