Failure in Manliness

So I’m at Ground School. (6 PM to 8 PM) and at the end of the class, one of the instructors found that she had locked her keys in the car.

I go outside and find these 20 Somethings trying to see inside the car with the flashlight apps on their phones.

“What’s up” sez I?

“Locked her keys in the car” came the answer.

I take the (actual) flashlight out of my pocket and look through the widshield. Sure enough there are the keys. The window is down about a half inch and I can see that the car has electric locks.

“No problem,” I say, “someone go inside and see if you can find a hangar”

One of the 20 Something trots off and I go to my truck, open it, toss my bag inside, open the center console and pull out a headlamp, open the toolbox in the back and pull out a pair of pliers.

I get back to the car and the kid runs up  as I am putting on the headlamp. Hands me a hangar.
A white plastic hangar.

Dude, Seriously? Headdesk. Facepalm. If I’d have had both hands free it woulda been a double facepalm.


“No, a wire hangar”

“Oh!” I can see he hadn’t thought it through until now.

Runs back inside, returns with a WIRE hangar.

I untwist it, straighten it and they all look at me as if I am some kind of shaman or magician as I slide the hangar into the car and pull the little tab marked “lock” and the doors all go “click!”.

She thanked me and they all disperse. I put the pliers back and the headlamp back and started the truck and drove home.

If these young men are the future, we, as a culture, are DOOMED,

4 thoughts on “Failure in Manliness

  1. It's the "never do anything for yourself" syndrome. That's a big part of why I quit teaching school. The whole environment was set up to teach kids NEVER to make a decision, NEVER to stand up for themselves, ALWAYS to get someone else to solve their problems. Those kids grow up to be the young adults you are describing.

  2. So these are fellow flight students? Aeronautical Decision Making is stressed by the FAA, and is required to be demonstrated on a checkride. Probably a major reason for accidents is waiting too long to act or for someone else to tell you what to do.


  3. More fun…young lady standing next to her Cavalier…"I'm locked out"…"Can I see your keys?"…"The battery is dead, it's no use."…"Can I see them?"…"Here"…(insert key into keyhole in drivers door handle, turn)…"Here you go"

    This will get worse, as modern cars often have the key slots concealed, usually you have to pull on the door handle to expose it.

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