And, again, a good thing screwed up by the courts

Seems the courts have decided that movie theaters MUST provide sign language interpreters for deaf patrons. 

Yep, the courts (federal) have decided that the theaters must provide a way for deaf people to get the full movie experience (how they gonna experience the music? The other sound effects?) and that the cost of the interpreter(s) must be borne by the theater.

While I am all for the ADA as it was intended, at some point it has (generally caused by the courts, but not always) gone off the rails.

This is but one example. 

One thought on “And, again, a good thing screwed up by the courts

  1. Movie theaters seem to be having a hard time surviving big screens, surround sound and quick to DVD and streaming movies already. This could just push them over the edge. Not sure how they are suppose to accommodate the demands to begin with. Been a long time since I went to a movie, for the reasons stated above. Too convenient to just wait and enjoy in my own home.

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