A thought occurred to me…..(yes, it happens, sometimes even twice in a week).

If Colin Kapernick had simply waited a year, he’d be on a contract and making somewhere north of $20 million a year.

And he could have taken a great deal of that money and used it to actually DO something to improve the situation of young black men. Maybe teach ’em a trade or teach ’em how not to look like a Yo and get the attention of police or something. I dunno.

I do know that he could have made a greater difference had he been a player in the NFL than he is now….which is nothing. He now has zero effect on the situation he was protesting. He hasn’t fixed a thing, and now never will.

And had he taken that path his adoptive (white) mother who raised him with the best of everything wouldn’t hate him and be embarrassed by him now.

4 thoughts on “Y’know….

  1. He's an avowed Communist lover.
    Why should he need money? The STATE will provide. (snark)

  2. 'It's all about me!', or, 'Hey, because I'm so charitable it's natural I should think of helping others.'

    Well, we have seen which attitude permeates these jerks.

  3. Neither Kaepernick, nor any other American african jocks, will ever spend their OWN $$$ to help their racemates. Or anyone else. That's the gubmint's job, doncha know.

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