Still pushing it

The “Russian interference” Meme….Now with FaceBook.

And yet, Facebook itself has done much to influence elections….Unfairly, in my opinion. And we haven’t seen any disclosure as to who else bought ads for or against candidates in any of the races in 2016…

Does George Soros get to do ads for or against a candidate? If so, why are his ads different than the “Russian” ads? How about the socialist Michael Bloomberg? How abut all the ‘Pacs(s) that have poorly defined (if at all) funding sources?

Yes, free speech applies. They are American Citizens. I got that. But still, why are they OK and some vaguely “Russian” ads not? 

2 thoughts on “Still pushing it

  1. And, of course, Snookerberg had no problem taking money fro the supposed Russians for those ads…

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