So the assholes NFL players (and, by their support, the owners, managers, and NFL management) think that it is OK to protest the (perceived) bad treatment of some black me by officers: To wit the deaths when resisting arrest or otherwise failing to comply with lawful orders…..In other words, instead of taking their lumps when caught, they run, fight, kick, resist, scream, spit, struggle and endanger the officers who are arresting them.  
Perhaps they are right, and some officers target young black me. Or it could be that young black men make themselves a target by their actions and how and where they drive. Not part of my point here.

Are these National police? Are they Federal cops?

Nope most of the cops who interact with the groups that they claim (although statistics don’t bear it out) are disproportionally killing black men are LOCAL cops.

So why are they disrespecting a National symbol? Hating on their country? Why not blame their local government? You know, the one that they have the power to elect or replace?