Oh, Jesus,

Are we really supposed to think that this isn’t a propaganda campaign? That the News Media isn’t conspiring to set or change public opinion? That they aren’t a propaganda arm of the DNC?

Zuckerberg is gonna show us ads that “might have” had “Russian influence”.

This a day after the media gave Hillary a tour so she could give us her version of how she thinks the election should have gone.

And the nighttime talk shows all had either Hillary on their show or had commentary….and said shows got commentary on the morning news shows so there was even MORE coverage.

It is, all about the meme.

And since the “Russian influence” meme died, they are trying to resurrect it.

And the News Media wonders why they have no credibility anymore.

Hillary seems to be like a Zombie. No matter what you shoot her with, she still gets up and comes at you again.
Perhaps someone needs to shoot her in the head. I am told that is the only way to kill Zombies.

Now, to clear my head of this propaganda, as soon as the fog lifts, I’m gonna go fly.