Like I said:

Puerto Rico’s issues are cause by Puerto Rico’s government.

Much like Hurricanes Katrina, the planning, response post hurricane and recovery was, to a large extent, helped or hindered  by the local and state government’s competence (or lack, in some cases) (compare the recovery of Louisiana to Mississippi ferinstance).

Puerto Rico’s government has, apparently no competetence.

The aid is there, the containers are piling up by the thousands, but there are no cleared roads to take it anywhere….and there is no plan as to where to take it. No one knows what is needed, or where, and no one has planned clearing of any routes to those locations that they haven’t planned, nor have they arranged any method of transportation to get it there.

The failures here are not those of George Bush Trump, but of (again) the liberal government officials. It ain’t like this is the first time a hurricane has hit the island. What damage will happen, and where, and how much aid and where (and how) to distribute it should be an easy plan to make, really.   

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  1. No cleared roads on an island devastated = incompetence? Because the heavy equipment was damaged or destroyed?

    By that standard, no military or National Guard resources should have been devoted to Louisiana or Mississippi after Katrina. The U.S. has basically abandoned U.S. citizens to struggle to survive…they are FINALLY talking about mobilizing helicopters and engineer units to assist…more than a week after the need was known. The Jones Act waiver, was for 10 days! 10 fucking days, in marine terms, that's nothing.

  2. Can't you ever stop blaming the US for everything CP?? You must really hate your country.

    I mean, there was no plan. Heavy equipment damaged? How? It should have been placed in a location where the storm surge wouldn't get to it and them moved as needed. That sort of stuff is pretty robust. It'll handle FEET of water before being damaged.

    No plan of recovery. It appears that there was, in fact, no plan at all by the PR government.

    Just like the Louisiana folks in Katrina. No plans.

    Blame FEMA. It's easier. The materials are there on the docks and warehouses, Jones act or no….THOUSANDS of containerloads. . But because the fucking PR government can't get it to where it needs to go because of their incompetence people are still waiting for it.

  3. Just wondering where those "10,000 relief workers who are doing a fantastic job" are?


  4. Roads have been getting cleared by Seabees while Puerto Ricans are sitting on their hands whining about no help coming. The local Teamsters union decided to go on strike, so the relief supplies sit at the port. Yep, all Trump's fault! /sarc

  5. Let's see…you have to manually clear a roadway…your current water supply is nil….how long can you clear stuff before you die…not long.

    Retired Lt. Gen R. Honored explained it best, you hire 80 guys with hand tool to clear 5 miles of road a day. But he also explained you must supply those men (and possibly their families) with water and food so they can do the job, otherwise they spend all day scavenging for the basic needs for them and their family.

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