So my oak and walnut trees are CARPETING my lawn with nuts. I mean, so many acorns that it is sometimes difficult to walk, like walking on marbles in the grass.

According to the old men, those who (supposedly) have forgotten more that I know, this presages a very cold winter. Which makes sense since the previous winter was unusually warm. (or last year was just a surge of glowbal warmenizing. (although we didn’t set any records that year)).  This fits with what my Dad’s Dad always told me prior to his passing. (and the older I get, the smarter he seems)

Nature finds balance,  I think this gonna be a really cold winter. And I think that the deer and the skwirelz and the other forest denizens will need those acorns and walnuts hidden in the snow.

You heard it here first. Plan accordingly. Or not.