Didja notice?

Months ago: A white kid goes to a black church and shoots some worshippers and we get all sorts of coverage on the media and then a condemnation of all things Confederate because in ONE Facebook post he was wearing something with a Confederate flag on it….

Days ago: We get a (black) Sudanese immigrant who posted several posts Pro Jihad and then goes and shoots several people in a (mostly) white church and the press does all it can to bury the incident at all, and COMPLETELY ignores the pro Jihadi pats of his Social Media…and does their best to downplay the fact that he is an immigrant.

Odd that, Innit?

3 thoughts on “Didja notice?

  1. Not odd at all. Liberals are mentally deranged. I wouldn't expect anything but that kind of behavior.

    I just got a T shirt that says "Liberalism, Find the Cure".


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