Didja ever notice:

That, when a Leftist is losing the argument in a conversation regarding immigration, crime rates, poverty, or racial quotas in workforce, or other stuff where race is a factor..

That they ALWAYS fall back to calling the other side a “Racist”…..even when it is obviously not true? (sometimes directly and sometimes in thinly veiled hints that shows their cowardice)

I mean, if you disagree that illegal immigrants should be allowed to come over the border any time choose and that they should immediately get Free Shit like welfare, food stamps, ObamaCare and other state benefits…..You must be a racist….Even if you are hispanic in heritage.
If you think the Wall is  a flawed, but acceptable part of the counter to illegal immigration, not perfect, but indeed, a part of the overall solution….then you Must also be a racist.

If you point out that in (most)larger cities (and many smaller ones), crime is nearly 80% black crime (much of it black on black), yet there are only 22% blacks in the population and tossing large amounts of (government) money at the problem doesn’t seem to help and hasn’t for 50 years… you are a racist.

If you think that Affirmative Action demeans black people because it says that they are somehow lesser, and cannot compete on their own merits, then you are, somehow, a racist.

If you point out that a black person (and to a lesser extent, a hispanic person) with an education, who speaks decent english, and who doesn’t have (much of) a criminal record can go VERY far in life……who will have opportunities that white folks would not, merely based on the color of their skin….Then you are a racist…because it is unfair to expect those folks to not have records or speak decent english….or get an education.

If you point out that NO ONE in your ancestry has ever owned a slave, yet you are being blamed for slavery, that marks you as a racist.

And the folks, the leftist, the ones that brand you a racist, are (generally) white. Yet they don’t apply those same criteria to themselves, nor the folks who talk like, and vote like them. Sadly, this overuse of “Racist” waters down the epithet that it once was, and when it is used against REAL racists, no one even bothers to care.

At least it makes it easy to tell when they are losing the  argument and got nothing else.