add 1.4

to my logbook. This time in a C150.

Oddly, I had issues taxiing this time. I found the 150 hard to steer. Maybe ’cause it is a higher time airframe and  a bit worn. I dunno.

My takeoff was good, even with a LOT less power to climb with. My climb out was good.  I got straight and level down. Turns, (level,climbing and descending) were OK. I got the concept, now I just need practice.

Pracicing descents was ok. it was windy, and I fought the changing wind a bit.

Landing? Nope. I got behind as we descended and was chasing the damned thing. Ended up giving up and going around and letting my instructor do the landing. He bounced. Twice. The gusts were straight out of 180, but they were on and off. I didn’t feel too bad that I had to go around.

Monday is 30% chance of precipitation, so maybe I will and maybe I won’t. We shall see. 

4 thoughts on “add 1.4

  1. I didn't know you were flying. I envy you. Got my license in November of 1973, made my last flight as PIC in 1995. Can't get a class two medical anymore but I don't really mind, can't afford to rent a plane these days anyway. 😉

  2. Power-off 40deg flap landings in a 150 are eye-openers.

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