1.1 Hours

Of heavier than air flight.

Yep, I started private pilot school yesterday.

I got a lot of work to do. Lots of things to learn. And unlearn.

Turns were ok…. for some reason a coordinated turn is easy for me. Straight and level, I have issues. I tend to climb slightly.

But hey, one hour and 6 minutes. Lots more to do.

It was fun. And I learned a fair bit.

I wasn’t the great car driver I am today the first time I tried that, either.

Thanks to StinsonGal and Aaron and others who inspired me to get off my ass and do this.

3 thoughts on “1.1 Hours

  1. Outstanding and congratulations! Keep on learning and enjoy the process as you go.

  2. Good on ya. And just remember the one basic thing above everything else: Always fly the plane. Lost? Fly the plane. Weather gone bad? Fly the plane. Engine start making a funny noise–or no noise at all? FLY THE PLANE. Everything else is second to that.

  3. Avigate, navigate and communicate. In that order. Unless they can find you on radar (don't think they know what a "DF steer" is anymore) and point you in the right direction, there is nothing that anyone on the other end of the radio can do for you, other than roll the emergency equipment.

    As Murphy said, fly the plane. Always.

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