Sometimes the crowd gets it right:

Seems that (again) a Federal jury has failed to do the governments bidding convict some of the Bundy protesters  that were at the Bundy Ranch Standoff.

They tried to convict, and even had their pet Judge give instructions regarding testimony that prevented a great deal of evidence.

Seems the jury saw through that.  They chose not to convict on most charges despite the judge suppressing exculpatory testimony and other evidence.

“The current jury deliberated four full days after more than 20 days of testimony. The six men and six women returned no verdicts on four charges against Parker — assault on a federal officer, threatening a federal officer and two related counts of use of a firearm — and also hung on charges of assault on a federal officer and brandishing a firearm against Drexler. Navarro declared a mistrial on those counts.”

So why do the Federal Officers get to brandish firearms towards a crowd, but the crowd doesn’t get to brandish back? (I think you should NEVER point a firearms at anyone you are’t immediately ready to shoot dead right there, mind you) but there was a great deal of video, and I spoke to people I trust who were there, that claim the Federal contractors in Federal uniforms did the pointing first. Why aren’t they on trial as well? 

Anyway, they have lost twice, but the Feds have a great deal of money and a lot of attorneys and I would bet that they will try again until they win. 

But this is, indeed, a win for the forces of freedom. 

Found via Knuckledraggin

2 thoughts on “Sometimes the crowd gets it right:

  1. A win for the forces a freedom? More like a win for squatters from
    out of town. Just saying…

  2. BB: What did they do that the FEDS didn't?

    If the Feds can point firearms at innocents, they can point back.

    Not saying Bundy was right, but the Judge *was* wrong, and it really isn't land owned by the Feds. but rather state land that the feds claim to have the right to "Manage".

    I the out of towners were "brandishing" or "Menacing", then so were the Feds. In fact, the video shows the Feds doing it first.

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