Range time Saturday.

But not shooting. A couple of us got together and moved some dirt to fix a drainage issue.

Since this was to be a cool and dry day (overcast in the LOW 70’s…in August!) we did a spur of the moment work party. 2 small tractors and a few folks with shovels installing some very much needed drainage conduit.

Fixing the range not only for ourselves, but for others to come.

Plus, it was fun.

But boy, am I sore this morning. I can drive the tractor and the little backhoe ok, but driving the shovel I am not used to anymore.

I was tired when we finished.

As we were packing up, one young member arrived with his 6 year old son to do a bit of shooting. Watching Dad with the kid ringing  6″ gongs at 15 yards with a .22 pistol (the kid was doing about 70% BTW) made the work and the sweat all worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Range time Saturday.

  1. I only volunteered once to do work at our range. They needed people to go through the national forest around the range and put up warning signs. I did it with another fellow on a hot August day, and like not to have made it out alive.

    I forgot what I learned in the Marine Corps. Never volunteer.

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