Proving, once again

What total fucking ignorant savages they are, the idiotic Mob which wants statues torn down because “Confederacy!”, who have the historical knowledge of 4 year olds and who are also, apparently, illiterate, have trashed a statue of Joan of Arc with spray painted graffiti.

But then again, that seems to be the mold most Leftists made from, innit? Childish, emotional, whiney, immature, prone to outbursts, lacking self control, unwilling to educate themselves about the real issues, easily led and prone to mob action with poor impulse control….who were never properly spanked as children….. (I think that covers it….if I missed any other needed descriptions, please, let me know in comments) 

‘Cause we all know that Joan was really a great leader of the Confederacy……

3 thoughts on “Proving, once again

  1. You nailed it, I swear that is exactly what is wrong with these little bastards, they never got their little asses beat to give them some serious boundaries.

  2. A Lincoln statue was burned in Chicago. Honest Abe: that damn KKKer Nazi Fascist.

  3. You got that exact Phil. They sorely need a good (several) ass whuppins.

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