Little help here?

So all if my (ahem) water cans have been painted yellow and have had vents installed so that instead of using CARB approved no spill/glug-glug/take forever to empty through the (non) self venting spout that is self sealing to prevent leaks so that I can actually, you know, fill the tank in the tractor or the Ram pickup with (simulated) diesel and not take 30 minutes per 5 gallon can…..

Does anyone have a source for old fashioned (non CARB/EPA/AlGore approved) Jerry Cans in either steel or plastic? Or a reasonable facsimile? I’m talking NATO style cans that one can attach the spout to in 15 seconds, invert and empty into a suitable container in about another 45?

I really dislike having to label all of my blue “Water” jugs (they actually have a stamping that says “potable water” that is, of course now covered with yellow paint and another message).

Please advise. I need about 6  of them, if possible.

Cause the EPA has totally screwed Gasoline cans, and Diesel cans are the same clusterfuck of bad engineering and ergonomics, only in yellow instead of red.

6 thoughts on “Little help here?

  1. Amazon sells new no check long spouts and vent plugs so you can convert your frustrating plastic safety jugs to ones that work.

  2. yeah, Fred, I use those. But the spouts still suck in quality and robustness.

  3. Yeah; I feel your pain. My end-run is yard sales. I pick up the older ones whenever I see them. They can usually be had for a buck or two. Also; check out the cans the folks use when they head out to the desert. Look 'em up under "racing fuel jugs" on Amazon.

    Those damned Al Gore cans always made me wonder as to why they were foisted upon us. I might spill a couple of tablespoons of fuel while filling with the old-school cans. The nanny-state came up with the solution; a can that, when used, causes a loss of a pint or two of fuel, due to the very mechanism that's supposed to prevent spillage sticking open. And when they DO work, they won't allow me to fill a lawnmower tank more than half full before "protecting me from myself." Then I remember; CA legislators imposed these on us "for our own good." Need I say more? 'Gotta love them Libbies…

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