I doubt it amounts to much….

But Mazda claims they have developed the HCCI engine to a workable unit.

We shall see. It has been around for years. A diesel like engine that uses gasoline instead. The HCCI ( homogeneous charge compression ignition) engine has been a dream for many years. Sadly, it has failed even when attempted by Toyota and Honda….

And I predict now that it will NEVER meet emissions specs for the US unless someone comes to their senses at the EPA. They won’t budge on NOX, and that is what makes diesels fail. (And modern diesels are cleaner in almost every respect than gasoline, and provide better than 35% mileage gains over gasoline, leaving even fewer of those pesky carbon compounds that (supposedly) cause (mythical) glowball warmenating).

But hey, it is a nice dream, if the EPA will let it pass and won’t pull a Volkswagen or a Dodge on them…..