Food for thought:

(It was supposed to be fiction)

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
― George Orwell, “1984”

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  1. So anything that goes against your beliefs is invalid in your eyes? If 100's of books, research papers, websites, or other sources of data are contrary to one's viewpoint then they are to be dismissed in their entirety, because a person can find 10 sources which support their stance? That is the definition of a narrow minded individual, one that believes in conspiracy theories, someone who cannot phantom that they just may be in error in their judgment.


  2. D: Look at Borepatch's comment on Misfits blog. Has a link.

    Your website wasn't anything but opinion. Lefty opinion. Not historical fact, nor even researched history. Try bothering to do some research into, you know, HISTORY, not op-ed internet screeds. There is a difference.

    (and you commented on the wrong post, BTW)

  3. D:
    Here is another link.

    It WAS more than slavery. It was mostly economics and the slow squeezing of the south's economy.

    Had the North purchased the slaves and allowed the south to import machinery there might not have been a civil war. Might.

    aaaand another: (This one is fr Forbes, but it mirrors the first).

    And another:

    See, you reject anything that doesn't meet your worldview. But that doesn't change reality.

    Try using Google. you can find more. Sadly, most history texts aren't on websites. You'll have to go to a library to find 'em. Try doing that, and reading them. You could learn a lot. Try learning more than the Left point of view. Especially one that has only been taught for the past 15 years or so.

  4. The economics you keep referring to was the slave economy. Three of the 8 largest cities of the time were in the south. Farming in the south used slave labor, farms in the north were smaller but in greater numbers. Shipping came into Richmond, Charlestown, and New Orleans, all three were in southern states. There were factories in the south, but again not as great in numbers. The south wanted Missouri, Kansas and other territories entering the US to become slave states, the abolitionists in the north wanted free states. THAT was the main reason. One of the planks Lincoln ran on was that slavery was wrong on moral grounds. After his election the south feared their way of life was in jeopardy and thus began the movement to secede.

    Perhaps YOU should look at the sites you refer to and read for comprehension. Your right wing bias is blinding you to reality. Here's a free tip: not everything you hear on Fox News is fair and balanced. CNN is too left leaning. Try MSNBC, they're more middle of the road.


  5. And, Oddly, I don't have cable. So I never watch Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC.

    You didn't read any of the links, did you? IT was the Tariffs that really were the economic impetus for the way. And the destruction of a BILLION dollars worth of wealth in the value of the slaves.

    Try reading one of the links I posted. I went to the trouble to find some that were short and concise and that used small words just for you.

  6. I read the two links you cherry-picked gave to support your position. I also googled "What were the causes of the civil war" and got a whole lot more hits that listed several reasons for the conflict. A vast majority of them listed the western territories being able to decide the slavery issue as a major, if not THE, reason for rebellion.

    Again, re-read my first comment. Hundred as of sites and references make statements regarding the causes, and you decry, ignore, and dismiss them because they do not fit with what YOU know to be "the truth". Bert, it's time to open your eyes, take off the aluminum foil hat and see the world for what it is. Breathe some fresh air, clear your mind, and try to be realize you may not be correct on all of your viewpoints.


  7. Advice you could take yourself, Dale.

    If you would take my advice, and do some research, you might learn something. Most of the sites on the internet have no references, no academic historical research, and are just op-ed pieces, really. Bother to do research in some manner other than Googling, and you will learn that there is more than just the popular meme of the day.

    There were, indeed, many causes. Ultimately, however, the main cause for Secession was an economic stranglehold the Tariffs caused the South. Plus the total destruction of wealth from the loss of the value of the slaves, but most who fought in the War didn't own slaves. They were, however greatly at a disadvantage due to the Tariffs. The war was fought for many reasons, but the single larges one was economics. Read histories from the era, nothe modern whitewashed and politically correct ones you find on the internet. (Hint, the old ones aren't ON the internet). You won't find it easy reading, nor will you find them short.

    Or, you could go the way you are now, and take the easy way out and believe what you read on the internet, articles written in the past 10 years, with an academic's PC bias….'cause that fits what you want to believe anyway….Even if it isn't the whole truth.

    You'll believe what you want. Closed minds never learn.

  8. Bert, read the damn articles of secession from South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas. All of them state the reason to secede was because the North was opposed to slave ownership. Your revisionist history is fooling only the fools who want to believe. The economic culture you was based upon slavery. Granted, not everyone owned slaves, but without the slaves the Southern lifestyle could not have been.

    You can have the last word on the subject, it's your blog. You're willingness to deny evidence presented to you and remain blind to the truth is your right as an American. Believe what you want.


  9. So, a question for Dale:r
    How come when YOU quote a cite for your opinion, it is all good and valid and sacrosanct, but when someone else posts a cite to bolster their viewpoint, it is "Cherry Picking"….and that is always invalid in your mind?

    How is it that your sources are always good, and any opposing viewpoint is always invalid or "biased", yet yours aren't, nor are the subject to the same scrutiny?

    If you want debate, then learn from the subject matter, and be open minded enough to at least TRY to see the other viewpoint.

    Alternatively, if you want to preach, then feel free to do so…but then leave my blog and start your own. I am the only one who gets to preach here. I am all for DEBATE, but that means debate, not lectures by commentors.

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