Climate data changes:

It would seem that there is a nefarious plot to make the climate data (in particular temperature data) look more like the Glowball Warming model than reality does.

In particular, it is reported that the temperature data in Australia is being manipulated by either raising the recorded high (and especially lows) or erasing the lowest of the lows altogether, leaving a temperature record that shows (what else?) a planet that is ever hotter….Even though the truth is just the opposite. Changing the data at the source of the measurement….

But the fact is that there isn’t any money to be made telling everyone “Oops, our bad, nothing to see here, all is well….There is no Glowball Warmenating, we aren’t all gonna die this year, and the earth won’t flood”. So these Climate “scientists” have to make something up to get further funding.

In other words, there is no climate change, so they gotta lie.

Anyone surprised?

Someone tell Borepatch.