Yep, 62 percent feel that we should leave the damned Civil War monuments alone. 

Surprisingly, even 44% of Black people feel that the Statues and Memorials should not be torn down or moved. (Page 11 for those who want to skip ahead and check my numbers)

But, since all you Liberal assholes (but I repeat myself here) think that we should have Mob Rule, then I guess that means that we who oppose illegal immigration can form a mob and chase all those undocumented workers illegal people who have crossed our borders without government out of town on a rail…..I mean, mob rules and all that, right? We are gonna put the rules of law on hold for a while, right? Law and order don’t matter because of FEELINGS and OUTRAGE and Fairness and Insults and past history and more FEELINGS. and just because….right? The will of the majority doesn’t matter, it is only the angriest and loudest, right? Can we chase Muslims out of the country because a Muslim is more likely to go all Jihadi on his fellow citizens? (doesn’t matter what the truth is here, it is all about FEELINGS and RAGE, and perceptions, right?)

‘Cause that is the world you are seeking, right? Mob rules? Hate of the moment? Selective, unreasoned and emotional outage ginned up by some speaker of dubious credentials and with only a portion of the truth?

(And, since we are opening that door, don’t be surprised when the next black person or Mexican or Pakistani is lynched….’Cause Mob Rule is now acceptable again….and not only accepted, but OK and excusable….right?)

Do you really want to open that can of slimy, smelly, squirming worms?

2 thoughts on “62%

  1. But, but… It's all about the FEELZ of the useful idjits… sigh

  2. What about what the evil whitey did to the Indians? Columbus needs to change its name. Same with Fort Wayne. Custer, Wyoming, it's gotta go. The statues of Indian fighters need to be torn down. I'm pretty sure the state of Indiana is offensive as heck –they are native Americans, not "Indians". Using Native American names for rivers, army aircraft, ball teams –well anything, is just cultural approbation.

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