Y’know what I find odd?

I find it odd that the computer server for the DNC emails….you know, the one that “The Russians” are supposed to have hacked just before they “hacked the elections” or whatever….

The first piece of evidence in the chain of (vague) accusations that Mr. Mueller is spending inordinate amounts of taxpayer funds “investigating” and all….

Yeah, that server has never been forensically examined by the FBI….Nor any government agency. Nor is it being held in any secure state for evidence….nope. It isn’t secure at all. 

The only entity that claims to have examined the server is one employed by the DNC. 

Why is that the case? Why hasn’t the FBI done any examinations? Or at least secured the device in order to secure evidence that may be on it?

Either the FBI is a political hack and a joke as an investigative agency, (and Mr. Mueller is, apparently as bad, since he hasn’t bothered to do anything about this key piece of evidence either….), or they are simply outrageously inept……on the level of ineptness that the BATF folks have exhibited.

Or, as many have said, the “Russian” meme is simply that, a meme, a lie, a made up story, and the “investigation” is merely a witch hunt.

Pick one, you can’t have it both ways.