Nice try there, fellas

Nice way to try and bash the NRA:

We Finally Know Why the NRA Didn’t Stand with Philando Castile After a Cop Killed Him

Except that that isn’t the mission of the NRA. That is, rather, the mission of the  ACLU (or the NAACP, maybe).    They are the ones who protect human rights and such.

Was Philando Castile MURDERED by a cop who was scared? Probably. Should the cop be charged with MURDER? I answer yes. But cops get away with actions that would put you and I in jail.

Cops actions are’t part of the mission of the NRA. The are a Gun Rights organization. Conflating the two is only done as an attempt to denigrate and undermine the NRA. Saying that many people are confused as to why the NRA was silent on the murder is’t really truth. 

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