Why is it always the Leftists

Who are so violent? Who believe that violence is ok if the victim is someone with whom they disagree…..?

Dude was a Bernie supporter and very Anti-Republican and Anti-Trump.

Story HERE  (And since the story is from CNN you know it is true, factual, unbiased and complete)

Since there is no bleating amongst the Democrats or the media (but, again, I repeat myself) about “Assault Weapons” and such, I am assuming that it was a more or less standard hunting rifle, rather than an AR type of firearm….although I don’t know for sure.

3 thoughts on “Why is it always the Leftists

  1. SKS, Chicom variant of an AK47. Only found that in ONE place. But the 'narrative' appears to be AR or 'rifle'.

  2. I watched the news last night. Two of the major networks said the shooter had an AR-15. One said AK-47. In a related story, the UPS shootings out in San Francisco, the talking head said the weapon was "an assault pistol."

    Curiouser and Curiouser. Did you see the Governor of Virginia on the news, saying that 93 million Americans are killed by guns each year? Guess we'll al be wiped out in a few years.

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