‘Tis interesting:

So some asshole white guy struck back against those acts of terrorism by muslims in the UK.

Sadly, he likely struck against the wrong folks. This is a tragedy. And bad, and wrong…And, as the authorities have stated, Terrorism.

However, one has to ask: Why was it IMMEDIATELY identified as terrorism? When a Muslim person does the attack, it takes hours or days for the “Authorities” to claim (or admit) Terrorism. This time, with what was appears to be a white man being the perpetrator, it was called Terrorism nearly immediately.

Why the rush this time?

2 thoughts on “‘Tis interesting:

  1. Good question… And the London Mayor coming out 'immediately' as "horrific terrorism"? Maybe because it was his own faith that got attacked??? Double standard in play?

  2. HE was white. Anymore, it seems if you are a white male, you are automatically a racist, so this piece of slime was labeled right away.
    Don't really see where he is any worse, nor better than the muslim terrorists. They are equal in terms of evil, just wish the media would treat them the same.

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