So when, exactly

did it become acceptable for mid 20’s to 40’s women to be so…..fat large?

I was on the beach today, which is unusual, I usually avoid them on the weekends…Which was when I noticed that the slimmest girl thre was what, in my day, would have been called overweight.

I mean, I understand, up to a point, but when you are in your mid 20’s there is no excuse for having saddlebags like that on your hips, nor saddlebags AND a serious muffin top in your 30’s. Looking like a barrel isn’t acceptable, at any age…..And if you are egg shaped, then, seriously, don’t you have a mirror? Or any pride, for that matter?

Guys of that age seem to find this acceptable, however, so some of the blame is on them, I suppose. They seem to be happy with extreme plump women…..

Yes, I get it, I am “Fat Shaming”…But if you are fat, then you should be ashamed.

Jesus, ladies, if you are 40+ lbs overweight at 25, what will you look like when you are 50?

And yes, the size of women has gone up over the years. (Scroll down for a chart) I checked before I wrote this. There is no longer a size six or eight, really, today….

ETA: Yes, there are some overweight men of the same age too, but overall, the percentage of fat young men hasn’t changed much. The percentage of fat young women has increased. Greatly.

And yes, I know the difference between skinny, healthy, and fat.

One thought on “So when, exactly

  1. All that diet soda puts the pounds on and the processed junk food. Look at their shopping carts…lots of soda, potato chips, candy, etc. Take a look at the beer belly guys, too. Too much sugar!! Most of these people look like slobs, too.
    Sometimes I can hardly get down the aisle in the supermarket because a two ton mamma is there. Don't even get me started on obese people riding around in the electric carts in Walmart.

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