So Comey’s testimony

Amounted to……

Nothing. ?.?
If the Donald did anything immoral, illegal, or in any other way bad, no one can find a way to pin anything on him.

This whole debacle was a big to do about nothing, and it appears to have been designed to gin up some bad thoughts about the President among the uninformed and the DNC voters (but
I repeat myself).

I fail to see what the benefit of all of this was. Those open minded folks who look at facts will either support the President or not according to his actions. The Democrats already hated Trump so there was no gain there. The Republican voters disliked the Democratic politicians, now they dislike them even more…The TDS folks aren’t rational, so they really don’t matter anyway.

I fail to see the point in all this, except to give the talking head pundits something to pontificate about. The DNC folks won nothing (and now look foolish), the RNC folks gained nothing, and TheDonald came out of this stronger than before.

2 thoughts on “So Comey’s testimony

  1. B, here's what I got out of it. 1). Russia DID interfere in our election. To what degree is still under investigation. Nevertheless, Trump won the election.

    2). Comey had suspicions about meeting with Trump, and felt compelled to document the meetings from his point of view.

    3). Comey was fired because of the "Russia thing".

    4). Trump was not under investigation pertaining to inappropriate contact(s) with Russian figures. This clears Mr. Trump; his staff and associates however have not been cleared. Those investigations continue.

    5). Comey 'leaked' his notes to the press thru a colleague. These were his notes, his perceptions, not government documents, intelligence, or secrets. He did this as a private citizen, not a government employee.

    6). In the aftermath, both sides are claiming victory. I think the loser Is the truth. I've told you before that the truth is probably somewhere in between both sides' viewpoint.


  2. Comey is a political weasel. He couldn't stomach the whitewash and obstruction of justice re: Hillary and her server, so he made his announcement about the info on Weiner's laptop.

    He was silent on all of the Trumps stuff until he got fired. His veracity is questionable.

    He is a weasel and a political hack.

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