Oh, hellz no

We already spend way too much on the Puerto Rican failed state.

They’ve bankrupted the island,….

No fucking way should we give ’em statehood.

They’ll just help fuck up the USA faster.

What we oughta do is toss ‘e, back. Revoke their Territorial status.

Without the US, the island would sink into complete poverty. We’ve spent enough money there for no gain. And they apparently can’t even get their shit together with our help. 

2 thoughts on “Oh, hellz no

  1. I saw all that about them voting on the issue. They can vote anyway they want to, it's not binding on the U.S.

    The last thing we need is more Puerto Ricans. I met one once who was not obnoxious and dishonest, then it turned out he was actually a Cuban.

  2. They are so desperate they'll vote for ANYTHING that might get them out from under the debt load they have… And no…

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