Just in time for summer:

Yeah, one wonders about the timing…..

This oughta make for a “lively” weekend

Minneapolis cop acquitted in fatal shooting of Philando Castile.

I dunno. He seemed panicky in the video, like he knew he had overreacted. And Castile never took the gun out of his pocket. He DID inform the officer, which, according to the video from the squad car, is when he got shot.

I wasn’t there, and neither were you. But having said that, I don’t see how, were I on that jury, could have voted for acquittal.


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  1. I think, but don't KNOW that shit spiraled. He should have said I have a concealed carry permit, not "I have a gun." and the police officer doesn't "Negligantly" fire 7 Times? thht's not negligance. That's fucking homicide.

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