It is as we expected:

Made up, Democrat and DNC operative and Press (but I repeat myself) bullshit designed to harm Trump and boost ratings. 

Which I would just write off as “politics as usual” except for the fact that Robert Mueller is gonna spend MILLION if not Tens of MILLIONS of your tax dollars looking for something to satisfy his masters…some kind of charge they can level against Donald Trump of his appointees. I object, not to the dirt digging (I actually approve of that!) but to the character assassination and to the fact that it is PUBLIC FUNDS tat are paying for it.

And the sad part is that all the liberals, even the formerly (somewhat) rational ones are frothing at the mouth for someone to find something on Trump….no objection to a Special Counsel who has nothing to point to to start his investigation except some meme put forth a few days post-Hillary defeat by the DNC to explain their terrible loss….Which the Media jumped on and repeated enough that it took on a (artificial) life of it’s own…..

Again: I don’t object to an investigation of the accusations. I DO object to the fact that the accusations are made up from Whole Cloth and that the U.S. Taxpayers are paying for it. Let the Media do its job, and find some (real) dirt that can be proved.

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  1. It's very depressing to see the shenanigans in Washington. It truly is a swamp of deceit, corruption and malice. The federal court system, after so many years of liberal appointments, is a disgrace and a danger to everyone.

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