I just don’t get it

While I never thought that GOP Congressmen and Senators were incredibly intelligent, one would think that they can tell the difference between ObamaCare Lite and REPEAL.

I know 4 year olds that have that much cognitive ability.

So either they really like the idea of Socialized Medicine, or they are Rilly, Rilly Stupid.

And this bill really doesn’t fix any of the significant failures of BarryCare.

I stand with the GOP Senators that will vote against their Party and against this legislation. 

2 thoughts on “I just don’t get it

  1. In the primaries I said that the only real problem Trump and way too many GOP congress-critters had with Obamacare was the name. The vast majority of the GOP liked the publicity of voting for a doomed to filibuster or veto repeal bill but most of them just really wanted to be the ones with the power.

  2. This proposed bill is not a repeal nor even a fix. It is a way to give insurance companies a 'legitimate' roadmap to avoid payment and keep profits. The rich get richer at the expense of the ill and ailing.


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