You mis-understand:

This bill wasn’t a “Repeal and Replace”.

It was a “replace ObamaCare with a “less bad” version of ObamaCare”.

Those 20 Representatives who voted against this abomination of a bill are the only ones who stood true to the GOP promise to REPEAL.

All of you who use the words Repeal and Replace are liars. There is no Repeal. There is still Socialized Medicine. There is still the concept that the State owes some people health care insurance based solely on their “reported” income. That the rest of the people should pay their own way. That failing to participate in the shared risk pool can be rewarded when people discover that they need someone to pay for their medical expenses (preexisting conditions) on the backs of the rest of us.

The whole concept of Socialized medicine still exists in this plan. What it has done is to more firmly cement the concept that Health Care insurance is a right as a citizen of the US.

The GOP has greatly failed to meet even my very low opinion and expectations of them.

One thought on “You mis-understand:

  1. Trump is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, much to the (hidden) delight of the Democrats. Trump puts his name on Obama's sack of crap, it fails, and Tramp gets the blame. Obama"care" should be allowed to auger in and crash down on the very people who ORIGINALLY rammed it down America's throat!

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