Yo, Donnie:

Where is my cuts in government spending? You know, the ones you promised?

Yes, the Democrats have threatened to hold fast and shut down the Government…..How is this a bad thing? Let ’em stall and put the Federal Government into stasis for a while. I DON’T CARE. Blame them. Be loud about it. don’t let them set the agenda and the Budget.

I want my “Less Government” I want my spending cuts. I want my Border Wall and my Repeal of ObamaCare.

If Reince Preibus is telling you that you should fold, remember, he was once the opposition, and he was the one pushing Jeb Bush. He was the one that let the Democrats walk all over the Republicans for the 8 years of Obama’s reign.

You really need to stand fast here. Say “NO!” and demand the cuts. Demand the start of the border wall. Defund Planned Parenthood and the NEA and all those other useless agencies. Insist on a 20% cut in every 3 letter agency (and 25% in all the rest).

Stand fast. We supported you in the election and we will support you now.


Yes, I know it is hard. Yes, people will say Bad Things about you. (Hint: They already are saying Bad Things about you) . Let the DNC choose to shut the government down. But stand firm.

We elected you because you weren’t More of the Same. You weren’t the DNC Light GOP that we had as other choices. Don’t prove us wrong here. You have a majority in the House, and in the Senate. Use that Majority. Make the RNC types stand for what they claim they stand for. Kick some butt if you have to.

Stand up, be strong, stand firm, and fight for what we want….for what you promised……Fire Reince Preibus and anyone else who says you need to be conciliatory. Fight for what you promised those of us who got you where you are.

‘Cause if you keep folding your cards when the Democrats push back,  then there is gonna be a Democrat majority government running this country 4 years from now, and that ain’t gonna be good for any of us or the country.

Get busy and LEAD the milquetoast Republicans away from the idea that they must fold every time when the DNC folks start playing Full Contact. Kick some ass yourself and get them in line and LEAD. It is why we elected you.

ETA: Puerto Rico? Let the island sink….or, let ’em have to sell the island to pay their debts. They aren’t even a state, why should we bail them out after all those years of mismanaged finances?
Fuck ’em.

ETA: I aint the onliest one that feels this way.